answers to all your questions:

How exactly does this work?
If you decide to join the membership, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card payment for purchase. Once you complete this step, you can log into the Member Dashboard where you'll find access to all of your content, tools and resources. Every month, you'll get a fresh content calendar with an average of 4-6 post options per day. We give you photography, customizable graphic designs, caption templates, video (reels) ideas/scripts, and strategy - and you post and manage your pages.  Easy, peasy!

How is The Social Broker different than other content memberships?
It's simple: we live and breathe social media. While other real estate memberships to a little bit of everything, our focus is solely on helping you put the "SOCIAL" in social media and we're laser focused on helping you use Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your businesses.

We have years and years of experience creating and curating content for some of the world's leading brands and biggest names in real estate. Our founder has led public relations and social media for brands of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to solo entrepreneurs, including one of the country's most successful real estate firms. Her clients have won awards for their outstanding social media presence and she is committed to creating a community for real estate brokers to grow their brands and succeed online.

Using our content, you can connect and engage with your followers every day. You are a true entrepreneur who will go above and beyond for your client...and whose work is never done! From spending late night hours on the MLS to negotiating deals from the carpool line, we understand the demands of a real estate career and how to bring it to life in a way that is educational. informational and entertaining to your audience. 

Simply put: we get you and we know what sells!  

We are not the content program for you if you want to just schedule a post and call it a day. The best social media strategy involves posting consistently, sharing a variety of types of content and achieving a healthy balance between business and personal content.

What if I don't want my feed to look like everyone else's?
I have lots and lots of ideas for you! First, remember that your database is different from the next person, so you are probably the only person who is really going to notice that your content isn't unique to your feed. And there are plenty of ways that you can still make it look fresh!

You can use our Bonus Content (released in each issue, plus regularly throughout the month in our Facebook group) to mix up the order of posts. You can use Canva to create great graphic designs with the images and upload your own logo. We also encourage our agents to supplement what we give you with your own snaps and listings, and to feel free to switch up the order of posts.

Finally, you are the only person who is YOU. By being yourself and showing up authentically, your brand personality will attract the kind of clients you want to work with. You might not be everyone's cup of tea...and that is perfectly OK! So, we provide coaching and strategies to help you show up as the realtor your clients can expect to work with when they hire you. No one else can replicate that, even if some of your content is similar.

Where are you getting the photos? 
We take most of the photography you see in your content calendar yourself (which means you won't find it elsewhere on the internet!), supplementing with royalty-free stock photography. This means you no longer have to spend your free time combing Pinterest for photos and ideas or worry about getting photographers to snap shots for you -- it's all done for you! The photos are all licensed for redistribution so you have full permission to share them.

I'm a social media manager/brokerage owner/team lead. Can I use the content on more than one account?
Each subscription is an individual account for one (1) individual member. If you would like to use the content for multiple pages, you must purchase a Multi-License subscription, or purchase a separate subscription for each client/account.

If you would like to purchase a multi-license subscription for your clients or real estate team, please contact maris@thesocialbroker.com. 

I like the content, but I want you to post it for me. Do you do that? 
Yes! If you're interested in having us post for you, or in a custom social media strategy where you would receive unique content from everyone else, click here to fill out our client application.

Should I schedule my social media content or post in real time every day? 
I suggest scheduling the content out one week at a time on Sunday or Monday. This way you can start your week knowing that your social media is already done for you, but you'll still be able to plug in new listings or personal stuff that comes up.

If you schedule monthly content, you just need to be super conscientious about checking in to make sure there is nothing you need to change based on current events, new listings, etc. 

Can I try for a week just to see what it's like?
Social media is a marathon, not a sprint, so we do not offer a trial membership. If your plan is to sign up for a month or two to see if social media really works, this is not the membership for you. Social media can take months, even more than a year, to really work hard for your brand. If you commit to posting regularly, showing up to engage with your audience, and following the content strategy that we create for you each month, you are going to get more referrals from your existing clients, clients hiring you because they are impressed by your social media presence, and you may even get genuine leads on social media. But it is a long-term marketing strategy and you have to be willing to commit to it for the long haul. 
What is your refund/cancellation policy? 
We certainly hope that you won't want to cancel your membership. If for some reason you do, please note that we do not physically process cancellations for you (I'm a one-woman show here!). You need to log into your account and cancel your subscription manually prior to your next renewal date. Due to the digital/downloadable nature of our product, once your card has been charged for the month, there will be no refunds given for any reason. Thank you for understanding!


Your full time job is selling real estate. Mine is helping you shine on social media